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Fresh Fruits & Vegetables


Often & quot; garlic & quot; The best quality of the garlic is grown in the soil rich in germanium and selenium. It is the place where the production of g...


What is Anatolia and Eastern Black Sea (Rize) is also included in the coastal Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and its temperature average is 23 deg. To-3 ...

Fava Beans

Beans, legumes, stalks are an annual plant. The claws descend to a depth of 110 cm. Side branches are strongly spread and the ovules come to the foreground. The h...


Lemons have a long history of growing throughout the year, with a growing number of leaves in winter. T & uuml; r & uuml; And the fruit of this tree. The ...


Pomegranate is a fruit which grows in temperate climates, which are composed of very granular particles which form seeds and fruits and which are slightly sour an...


In the former case, you may receive & quot; receive & quot; Quot; al, & quot; which is known as the & quot; (Red) from the US. It is believed that...


When the sowing is done, the square meter 5-6 gr is made as seeds or sprinkled in the future. 250-400 thousand pieces of seeds come in 1 kg.It is the best way to ...


There are 200 calories in 100 grams of chestnut which is rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, chlorine, calcium, iron, sodium minerals and C, B1, B2, PP vita...


Legumes more +

Pulses, protein and carbohydrates are valuable foodstuffs. After animal products, the most protein is for food.

 Spices & Dried Herbs more +
Spices & Dried Herbs

Spices are hidden heroes of the food and indispensable of the kitchens. They are obtained by drying the plants you need.

Nuts & Seeds more +
Nuts & Seeds

Nuts, fruits and beans are prepared by drying directly under the sun or by heat treatment such as roasting, and sometimes by adding substances such as salt and sugar to taste.

Dried Fruits & Vegetables more +
Dried Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables can be consumed fresh but can be consumed in certain seasons. Drying technology allows each product to be consumed closest to nature in every season.

 Oil Seeds more +
Oil Seeds

They are sources of protein and fiber as well as high fat content. In addition to being practical, these features make it a nutritious and full-fat holder.

 Fresh Fruits & Vegetables more +
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits are usually sweet, except for bitter seeds. Vegetables, on the other hand, have a very mild sweetness and are soft enough to be eaten raw.

 Vegetable Oils more +
Vegetable Oils

In addition to being an important source of energy, fats are involved in the structure of cells in the human organism. 20-35% of the total daily energy of a healthy adult is obtained from fats.